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2017 + 2018 in… Oman, Dubai, Netherlands %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% Sept. ’17: Netherlands (dutch) 5 Okt. ’17: USA, Podcast /2 hours radio interview: Frequency and resonance, Law of Attraction Meet your higher self Healers and energy supply Nov. ’17: Utrecht, Enschede, Netherlands (eng) Dec. ’17: Muscat, Oman (eng) Jan. ’18: Muscat, Oman (eng) Feb. ’18: Muscat, Oman (eng) Feb ’18: Almelo, Netherlands (dutch)…

Third eye

When your third eye has seen too much bullshit. 

The Monroe Institute

Tom Campbell at The Monroe Institute 11/2015 You are about to get a rare glimpse into one of the famous programs presented at The Monroe Institute, this one conducted by physicist and consciousness researcher Tom Campbell, author of My Big TOE. Tom is the physicist T.C. in Robert Monroe’s book Far Journeys. Tom shares his…

Must Watch ! – Afterlife Training 2015 – 

William Buhlman.  I have one rule no religion in my workshops. When you die, go beyond the white light.   William Buhlman merges ancient death transition practices to modern lifestyle and mindset with his talk at the 2015 Afterlife Conference titled “What You Need to Know Before You Die.”

Don’t believe….

Believe… You know something or you don’t know it, But don’t believe something !   Geloof… Je weet het of je weet iets niet, Maar je moet nooit in iets geloven.  

A Blessing in Disguise

Every problem is a blessing in disguise. It motivates you to seek a new path. Elk probleem is een zegen in vermomming. Het motiveert je te zoeken en een nieuwe weg in te slaan.

You don’t always need a plan

You Don’t always need a plan. Sometimes you just need to breathe. Trust, Let go, and see what happens.   Je hoeft niet altijd een plan te hebben. Soms moet je gewoon ademen. Vertrouwen hebben, Laat gaan, en kijk wat er gebeurt.