Purpose of meditating

3 things you shouldn’t pay attention to:

  • your body,
  • the environment
  • and time.

Your goal for meditating

It doesn’t matter how long you meditate.
You should feel better after your meditation.
Don’t get frustrated because you didn’t reach deep trance.
Don’t try to stop your thoughts, but just let it go, they come and go away again that’s all. It doesn’t matter if you keep having thoughts running through your brain.
You’ll find inner peace in your life
This calmness will give you unconditional love, that no-one can give you, it comes from within. Love for yourself as for all beings.
If your body is distracting you…… as a beginner, it can happen to have cramps or itching, just move and/or scratch yourself. That’s better than trying not to pay attention to it, because it will only get worse. At some point you will no longer have those distractions, you simply won’t notice it anymore.
Again the most important thing of meditation is, that you should feel better afterwards, feel better about yourself and the little calm moment you have created for yourself.
It’s not a contest with others nor yourself.

There are many different kinds of meditations. Just try which ones fit your life style and mood. For example with or without music, no thoughts, or one subject, letting your mind run free and only observe your thoughts, etc etc.

At my other websites I will cover many different meditations. As well you can have private lessons or groups sessions with me, check my workshops and agenda.





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