Before you start meditating

Watch the video or read.

Before you’re going to meditate, I want you to remember some things.

  1. Don’t do other activities while listening to a guided meditation, such as machinery or drive a car.
  2. Tell your roommates that you don’t want  to be disturbed for …… minutes.
  3. Also your pets, not in your meditation place, they may distract you.
  4. Drink a glass of water before you start.
  5. Go to the toilet before you start.
  6. Before you sit down, take a few deep breaths in and slowly exhale.
  7. I suggest you put on some loose fitting clothes, nothing tight, it might restrict the way you breath or it might distract you during your meditation.
  8. Make sure you are comfortable, if you do not want to fall asleep, relax in your favorite chair.
  9. or lying down in bed, it will be more likely you will fall asleep.
  10. Make sure you will be warm enough, use a poncho or blanket, because you will relax so deeply, your body is going to cool down.
  11. Try to stay awake during meditation, because you’ll reach theta trance or perhaps even delta trance state.
  12. If you do fall asleep that doesn’t matter, you probably needed the sleep, and your subconscious is listening anyway. The following day you will get-up with a rested feeling.
  13. Make your meditation area cozy for yourself.
  14. but do NOT burn any CANDLES, because you might fall asleep, and you have your eyes closed so you cannot watch the flame of the candle. never let it unattended.
  15. Use Headphones this helps to increase your concentration even more, and it helps to not hear any sounds from outside or maybe in the House.
  16. You will hear that my guided meditations have special stereo background effects and these are clearly audible with headphones on. The stereo effects will keep your left and right brain active, it will cause you to reach a much deeper trance state.
  17. Some of my Guided Meditation cd have binaural effects these will only work with headphones on.
  18. Using an eye-mask is a good idea, it will ensure that you’re less distracted.
  19. There are many different kinds of meditations, follow the given instructions for each meditation. For example kundalini meditation only do kundalini with straight back and sitting in lotus position. There is a reason for this …


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