Healing your Inner Child.

Level 1. Hypnosis Regression Therapy. This is a short information and instruction video about the regression therapy “healing your inner child”. It will help you to connect with and speak to your inner child, so that you can give advice, love, and heal your past. No matter what age you are, we all have an inner…

Innerlijke Kind Genezen

Level 1 Jouw Innerlijke Kind Genezen Online Hypnose Regressie Therapie Om delen van jezelf terug te vinden en te helen. Bekijk de instructie video hieronder om een idee te krijgen, hoe en wat er gaat gebeuren in deze therapie en voor wie het bedoelt is. Ben jij op zoek naar een manier om te spreken met…

The inner attitude

The inner attitude of the heart is far more crucial than the mechanics for coming into the reality of the spiritual life. ~ Richard Foster

Martial Arts & Speed Healing

How Instantly Heal and Control Many Forms of Physical and Emotional Pain in Minutes Using Cutting Edge Synergistic Vibrational Healing Techniques that Unify Mind and Body into a powerful machine for changing anything you want.

Guilt & Shame

The difference between guilt and shame is….. I did something wrong, I am something wrong. – For more information on how to heal your shame and guilt, I suggest you watch the videos of John Bradshaw. Het verschil tussen schuldig voelen en schaamte…. Wat ik heb gedaan is niet OK. Ik ben niet OK. Voor meer…

The invisible

“The invisible will become visible. If I could not think, then that which will only become visible later on, could not already make its presence felt to me.” Rudolf Steiner. – Het onzichtbare zal zichtbaar worden. Als ik niet kon denken, dan zou wat later zichtbaar in mijn leven komt, ook niet voelbaar en bemerkbaar…

The Voyage

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” – Marcel Proust, French novelist  

Your biggest troubles

Your biggest troubles turned out to be your biggest blessings. – Je grootste problemen zullen je grootste zegeningen zijn.           Workshop calendar                                    


I count every moment Every moment counts

Into the Vortex, the easy way

Level 1 – Into the Vortex, the easy way In this powerful Training you wil learn the basics about sacred geometry, frequencies, sound, color, chakras and emotions all have in common with the law of attraction. Level 1  is a 2 day course This training is for people who are healers and especially for people who…

116 Years hidden interview

Nikola Tesla Interview Hidden For 116 Years – Incredible Nikola Tesla is considered one of the most innovative and mysterious men who ever lived on Earth. He was a man way ahead of his time and is responsible for most of the technology we use today. In fact, if Tesla hadn’t invented and researched everything…

Sacred Geometry

Sonic Geometry 2 : Communicating with the Universe in 432 Hz 440-Hz vs 432-Hz – Though it defies all logical explanation, it appears that our ancient ancestors living in Sumeria 6,000 years ago were “gifted” by “sky-visitors” with certain information that could only be verified by present-day technology. This video will explain how frequency reveals…