Identify the Desire and don’t Contradict it

Abraham Hicks provides a very Simple Process to create what we want: Identify the desiry and don’t contradict it with a belief that doesn’t match it.
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Overview September 2016 Posts

An overview of my posts in the month of September 2016.

In case you missed a few posts…… its easier to see what you might want to read. Law of Attraction.

Use your Magic

Just a simple timer, making a ding every 17 seconds and a glissando every 68 seconds, and the 68 second cycle repeated 10 times. Focus for 17 seconds on your desire. Prolong your focus as long as you can. This represents the increase in attraction power you are giving to your desire by focusing on it for…

17 seconds focus thoughts on Money – brilliant helpful segment

Abraham Hicks   68-seconden-puur-verlangen-focus Focus-wheel-exercise Empty Focus Wheel to print for your own use   All Abraham-Hicks materials are copyrighted by Esther Hicks. For additional information on Abraham Hicks or Esther Hicks, visit their website at  

VBlog: Overview July 2016

An overview of my posts in the month of July 2016. So in case you missed a few posts…… its easier to see what you might want to read. Een overzicht van mijn posts op mijn website in de maand juli 2016. Dus in het geval dat je een paar post’s hebt gemist… kun je hier makkelijker…

Creating Momentum, 5 min.

Use this 5 minute timer (see video) to have a break from everything and to focus yourself into a positive mental state.

VBlog: NL-Abrahma Hicks

English Language Video with Dutch subtitles. Don’t worry about the planet, nature can take care of itself. you take care of Yourself and everything will fall into place. Maak je geen zorgen om onze planeet aarde, maar zorg voor jezelf, Deze video van Abraham Hicks is met Nederlandse ondertiteling.    

Focus Wheel Exercise

This is a walkthrough on how to use the Focus Wheel process, given by Abraham-Hicks ( The Focus Wheel is a fantastic little process to use when you want to change your vibrational alignment—in other words, feel better—regarding any subject, whether it be finances, a relationship, or a bodily condition. After some practice, you can…