Cutting Ties with Past Lovers

Cutting Energetic Ties of Love Relationships. 

(Seance – Workshop)

This seance is essential to let go of past relationships and breaking the connections between 2 people who have a spiritual love affair Twin souls.

The end of a relationship can have a significant impact on your life. Your life is upside down. A spiritual/twin flame relationship is very beautiful but as well it can be very manipulative relationship.

Watch the introduction video for more info.

This is primarily intended for people who have a broken relationship, or feel hurt by another person. This can also be your best friend or family member. Cutting ties ENG promo 2

As long as you are on the same frequency is, you stay connected. That is why cutting energetic ties is important, to break free from unresolved grief. Otherwise keep losing lots of energy. And that’s not good for you, and as well the reason why you cannot go on with your life.

What can you expect from this Seance ?

This ritual, will help you to process your grief in a much faster way and to regain your energy. You can let it go.

After the seance, most people have right away a tranquil feeling and feel liberated, as if your soul is much lighter, and burdens are resolved.

This seance is an instruction workshop-video.

I will explain what spiritual and energetic connections are, how we build those ties with other people. And how we can disconnect, how we can cancel our karma contract. The seance workshop is in 2 parts.

  1. Part is 7 about minutes and it explains what you should prepare and the items you will use during the seance (most likely you have everything already lying around in your house)
  2. Part is the Séance and takes about 20 minutes, but I do recommend to take an hour time in total, to rest after the seance, to have the most beneficial effect possible.

It’s really very easy, all you have to do is sit quietly and listen to my voice. I will guide you, step by step, through the entire program. All instruction are on the screen as well.

This is what you will learn:

  • What are etheric threads/energetic connections
  • what you’ll need
  • How to break free

This is the effect it will have on you:

  • Breaking the spell of spiritual love affair and twin souls.
  • Karma contract will be finally closed.
  • Take back your energy.Cutting ties ENG promo 3
  • Relief of grief.
  • A peaceful feeling and liberated feeling, felling light and clear.
  • You can finally move on with your life.

How do I sign up? For the ONLINE Seance Cutting Ties with Past Lovers.

€ 15,-


What you need to prepare:

  • View the tutorial videos of 7 mins to everything at home and ready to commit to the seance.CD ENG cutting ties
  • The Seance lasts 20 minutes.
  • Do loose fitting clothing.
  • Care for a quiet atmosphere in the House alone at home.
  • Concentration and listen to my voice.
  • After the seance I suggest you to drink a glass of water or tea.

CT karma complete

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Namaste _/|\_

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