Yoni Yoga

The word Yoni (pronounced Yo-nee) is a Sanskrit word meaning “Source”, “Origin”, “Sacred Space” and refers to a woman’s vagina, as the ancients recognized and honored the woman’s ability to bring forth human life.

A Yoni egg is a piece of nephrite jade or other natural stone or crystal that is carved into the shape of an egg and used inside the vagina to strengthen the pelvic floor by performing a series of vaginal contractions to hold and manipulate the egg.
Women from all walks of life have been exercising their Yonis for ages but the practice of using a piece of Jade or Obsidian has it’s roots in ancient China and was only taught to to the queens and concubines of the royal court.

The practice was not only used for sexual skill. It was combined with other body disciplines and Taoist meditations bringing an individual to harmony within the body, mind and spirit. This form of practice is commonly called “The Jade Egg Practice”, “Deer Exercise” and “Ovarian Kung Fu”.
​Although this ancient practice is very enlightening, over the years I’ve learned to respectfully work with those parts of the practice that resonate with me at any particular time in my journey. Rather than keeping to a rigid following of this art,  I often create my own unique flows and add my own elements which have been successful for me. Now I enjoy sharing my practices with other women.

Video by: Michelle D.


Yoni Egg Holders (Handmade)

Press this link to find out more about Yoni Egg holders.

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