How to Visualize

The Brain Unlocked – How to Visualize

The Hidden Secrets To Unlocking Your Brain Power.

Visualization is one of the simplest and yet most powerful way to unlock your brains potential and achieve your goals. In this video you will learn the secrets of how to visualise so that you can engage your brain’s immense power and achieve your goals and live the life you want.

Many people are confused by the concept of visualisation. This is an important topic. If you get it right you will engage the power and potential of your brain and success is assured. Get it wrong and your brain isn’t engaged and nothing happens. So take a few minutes out of your day and watch this video so that you can learn how to engage your brain in a way that does all the work for you. All you need to do is decide what it is you want.

If you’ve been practicing visualization consistently for lets say a year, you will find it works and by now have had really good results.

The only reason that you might have difficulties in manifesting is when you find yourself struggling with feelings of not deserving while doing this process.

Feelings are very important to the process of visualization. Emotions give power and the energy to your thoughts.

This is good…..!!! You are aware of your feelings and aware of your resistance.

What is actually happening is your subconscious emotions are now entering your conscious mind. That means you can now start to transform them.

It also means that your visualization will soon be working, because it is now entering your conscious mind and you’re aware of the a disconnect between your visions and emotions.

“Emotion” = E stands for Energy and Motion is Movement in other words emotion means “Energy In Motion”.


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  1. Carloz says:

    How do I get more info.


    1. EllenMentor says:

      You can go to their website I posted their video because its well explained and my webinar is in Dutch. I give seminars with guided meditations how to visualize in Holland these will be translated soon in english as well. I think in a couple of months I will have the english webinars ready… Kind regards Ellen


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