Overview September 2016 Posts

An overview of my posts in the month of September 2016.

In case you missed a few posts…… its easier to see what you might want to read.

(I work with Keynote, one drawback is…. I can’t fade out the music. If anyone knows how let me know, its bugging me.)


Een overzicht van mijn posts in de maand September 2016.

In het geval dat je een paar post’s hebt gemist… kun je hier makkelijker alles overzien en dan besluiten of je iets interessants vindt om te lezen.


Music by: Russil Paul – Song: Rudram

Follow the links below to

HEXE: Listen-to-your-heart-meditation 1

HEXE: Listen-to-your-heart-2

Conveyer Belt of Reincarnation.

Seeking Happiness

Message d’Amour des Dauphins

Belly Dance For Beginners

How To Meditate Deeper

Shifting Focus

Enjoy the Silence

Change by Being Present

How To Become Enlightened – The Exact Step By Step Process Revealed !

17 seconds focus thoughts on Money – brilliant helpful segment

Use your Magic

HEXE: Listen to your Heart 1.

HEXE: Listen to your Heart 2.

Slideshow monthly overviews:

Overview of August 2016

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