Conveyer Belt of Reincarnation.

Death the biggest hoax….

Religion and other dogmas have programmed you, with ideas what will happen when you die and in the afterlife. Don’t think you’re save if you are an Atheist. You are programmed through films, videos, games, books and heresy of many religions. Even if you think you are not religious, you have it programmed in your mind….. and when death is near, most people become afraid…….. they start to think……… “What if….? “and guess what….You die and there is life after life. But then what do you do ? stay in your bubble of nearly the same life as you had ? go with family to an walhalla, and stay there in a “thought bubble” ? Or are you an explorer and will you travel beyond ? It’s good to think about this and examen what you have been influenced by, what do you think is going to happen? do you think there is a possibility for other theories? What if everything we have been told….. is not true?

That is why it is important to do your meditations, so you will feel comfortable when going beyond. You already have experienced the nothingness through meditations, it won’t freak you out. You can then make your own decisions, what to do, and where you want to go. Take full responsibility for yourself and do not follow any guides. You are it….!!! There is nothing else then consciousness, go beyond form, as well thought forms.

I realize that not everyone is ready. Most expect and want to be greeted by their family and loved ones and see them in their physical-form they used to know them. But the problem is, if you can’t feel the energy of those souls/beings, how do you know with whom you’re dealing with? This is why sensory perceptions are important to learn.

The sensory perceptions you learn here on earth, is the knowledge you need to go beyond. If you cannot sense and feel and know……. How are you going to communicate with other beings?

Do not go into the light, go beyond into the black.


De dood, de grote angst…..

Denk niet dat je veilig bent als je een atheïst bent. Iedereen is volledig geprogrammeerd door films, video’s, games en religie. Zelfs als je denkt dat je niet religieus bent, zit het in je onderbewustzijn gebakken… en bij het ouder worden dan worden de meeste mensen bang voor de dood… ze beginnen na te denken… “Wat als…?” en de sociale conditionering komt naar boven. Dit is 1 van de redenen waarom het belangrijk is om meditatie te doen. zodat je weet wat er kan gebeuren en meemaken, omdat je het “niets” al hebt ervaren. Dit neemt de angst weg. Vervolgens kun je zelf beslissen wat te doen en waar je naartoe wilt. Neem de volledige verantwoordelijkheid voor jezelf ook na de dood. Volg niet een guide of familie. Je bent het…!!! Er is niets anders dan bewustzijn, je moet verder gaan dan de vorm.

Ik besef dat niet iedereen hiervoor klaar is. De meeste verwachten en willen opgewacht worden door hun familie en geliefden en dan ook nog in de fysieke persoons-vorm die ze kennen. Maar het probleem is, als jij niet de energie kan voelen…… Hoe weet je dan waarmee je te maken hebt ? Daarom is het belangrijk om zintuigelijke waarnemingen te leren.

De zintuiglijke waarnemingen die je hier op aarde leert, is de kennis die je nodig hebt om te reizen in het hiernamaals. Als je niet  weet hoe je moet helder-weten en helder-voelen… Hoe kun je dan communiceren met andere wezens?

Ga niet het licht in, maar er voorbij in het niets, zwart.


I recommend to read ALL the papers of Wes Penre.

Here is an excerpt it includes a description of “afterlife”.

The exact details of what happens after body death differ from case to case, depending on each person’s experiences in life and his/her advancement, but according to the study, which includes more than 7000 people, it doesn’t matter if the person was religious, an atheist, agnostic, Gnostic, or whatever belief system the person subscribed to in life; the experiences in Sitter space (time/space or afterlife) are still very similar.

After the soul has departed from the body, one of two basic things normally happens, depending on if the soul is more “advanced” or less “advanced”. The lesser advanced soul may stay around for a while, a little confused over being dead and not able to directly communicate with his/her relatives and friends. These souls may also try to hang on to possession that were dear to them during their lives and which they now miss. They may also want to stay around to make sure their body is taken well care of; perhaps there was an agreement whether the person should be buried or cremated? The soul may want to make sure that the directions set in life are now carried out.

When this category of souls have stayed around for a little while and made sure that everybody is doing relatively well due to the circumstance, the soul normally leaves. Leaving means that it separates from the Earth planes and is drawn towards a dark tunnel which seems pretty much like a wormhole or a black hole in space. Quite soon, the soul is being aware of a bright light at the end of the tunnel, and it is moving rapidly towards this light. Many subject say that there are “side tunnels” departing from the main tunnel, but I have never heard anybody choosing to go that route; I’m not even sure if it is possible.

As the soul gets closer to the light, the light gets bigger and brighter, and the departed soul can normally start distinguishing one or more people standing in the light. First they are vague, but are soon getting clearer; the persons waiting are either old relatives (mothers, fathers, siblings, grandparents) or dear friends (or soul mates), or all of the above. The recently departed soul is greeted by these people; quite an emotional reunion is taking place, and an overwhelming feeling of love and joy is filling up the departed soul. It feels like it wants to stay there forever because of the incredible feeling of oneness with its loved ones.

After that, the relatives withdraw and tell the departed soul that it will be assisted in crossing over by its Spirit Guide and that they will all meet again soon. So they disappear and the Spirit Guide, who normally was there in the background all the time, but often went unnoticed by the departed soul, due to his/her focus on the loved ones, now steps forward to help the newcomer. The testimonies are quite coherent when it comes to describing the Spirit Guide; it may be a male or a “female; very loving and helpful, and the departed soul feels like it has reconnected with a very good, old friend, which also seems to be the case because a certain Spirit Guide is often apparently dedicated to a specific soul. Hence, in most cases, we meet the same Guide every time we die. In some cases, subjects under hypnosis are saying that the Guide can be mischievous and a bit awkward as well, and in a few cases they have even scared the departed, until they eventually tell the newcomer that it was a “joke” and it was the appropriate thing to do at the moment. However, these cases are extremely rare.

I want to back up here for a moment to describe the journey of a more advanced soul, as Dr. Newton puts it, and how they differ from the less advanced.

Instead of hanging around after body death, they usually move on quite quickly, move through the tunnel and meet with the Spirit Guide. Everything happens quite rapidly, as if this is just some routine that needs to be done rather than that it’s actually necessary, and then the soul moves on from there and normally joins path with other souls in its soul group (more about soul groups soon). On some occasions, the very advanced soul doesn’t even meet with its Guide right away, but knows where to go and travels to its destination immediately, eager to move on.

A third category is what Dr. Newton calls the “young soul”, who hasn’t had much experience in the physical world. These souls may be much more attached to people and material things in the physical universe than “adult” and “advanced” souls. Therefore, if such a young soul died under trauma or sudden and unexpected circumstances, they may hang around and become ghosts. They refuse to let go off their physical life. Sometimes they may hang around for centuries in terms of linear time, but as time is different in time/space than in space/time, the ghost doesn’t consider it being that long. Still, its Spirit Guide is always trying to reach the lost soul and guide it in the right direction, but sometimes the soul refuses to go anyway, and the Guide honors its “free will”. Sooner or later, the lost soul will normally be released from its trauma and move on and follow the Guide.


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