The Multiverse Series

The Wes Penre Papers

Translations are available in English, German, Spanish and French.


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 Science Paper #1: Exploring the Unum–The Building Blocks of the Multiverse

1. ENS (Extension Neurosensing) — A New Advanced Form of Remote Viewing   

2. The Idiomaterial Universe   

3. Seven Levels of Manifestation (LOMs)

4. The 7 Superdomains

4.1. The Prime-Causal Superdomain

4.2 Thought Superdomain

4.3 Unisonic Superdomain

4.4 Logomorphic and Syntonic-Diffusive Superdomains

4.5 Templaic/Quantum Potential Superdomain

4.6  4-Space/Time Superdomain

5. The T-Boundary

6. Regions of the Unum

7. Subquantum Vacuum-Plenum

8. The Overfunction and the Akashic Records

9. The “Big Bang” Theory Revisited

 Science Paper #2Known Life Forms within the Milky Way and Beyond (February 25, 2011)

1. Idiomaterial Life Forms and the Merkaba

2Different Life Forms in 4-Space/Time

2.1. Different Life Forms Beyond 4-Space/Time   

3. Indexing of Planetary Bodies and the Reality of the “Ascension” Concept

4. Observership and “Common Reality”

5. Space/Time vs. Time/Space

6. Wormholes (Einstein-Rosen Bridges)

 Metaphysics Paper #1: 
The Prime Creator Experiencing Itself (February 17, 2011)

1. From Nothingness to Somethingness

2. A Hierarchy of Creator Gods   

3The Galactic Tributary Zone and the 7 Planetary Zones

 Metaphysics Paper #2: The Flow of Energy in Daily Life (February 18, 2011)

1. Karma and the Law of Attraction

1.1. Karma

1.2. The Law of Attraction  

2Psychic Vampirism

3. Schrödinger’s Cat and Different Timelines

 Metaphysics Paper #3: The Misconception of the Ascension Process and the Nature of Channeling (February 18, 2011)

1. The Ascension Fraud

2. How Channeling Really Works    

3. The Nano-Second and the Importance of Staying Grounded in our  Bodies

4. The Real “Ascension”

5. The RA Material

6.  Some Final Words

 Metaphysics Paper #4: There is a Light at the End of the Tunnel – What Happens After Body Death? (March 25, 2011)

1. Abstract   

2Regression Therapy in Modern Times – A Brief Background

3. The Positive Version of Afterlife

3.1. Three Levels of Soul Groupings

3.2. Returning to a New Incarnation

3.3. The Council of Elders

3.3.1. The Appearance and Composition of the Council

3.3.2. The Presence

3.4. Privacy in a Telepathic Environment

3.5. Between Lives Learning Centers

3.5.1. The Library of Life Books

3.6 Time/Space Nurseries and the Birth of Souls

3.7. The Meaning of Life

3.8. A Few Additional Selected Quotes From Dr. Newton’s Subjects

4. The Negative Version of Afterlife

4.1. The WingMakers Theory

4.2. The Moon Matrix

4.3. L. Ron Hubbard and the Afterlife Implant Stations

4.4. Robert Morning-Sky and the Terra Papers

5. Conclusions

5.1. Dr. Michael Newton Revisited

5.2. The WingMakers Theory Revisited

5.3. David Icke and the Moon Matrix Revisited

5.4. L. Ron Hubbard and Robert Morning Sky

5.5. The Edgar Cayce Section Revisited

 Exopolitics Paper #1: Six Different Types of Civilizations (March 12, 2011)

1. Abstract2. Why Different Types of Civilizations

 Genesis Paper #1 (Genetic Engineering and Manipulation): Human Origins and the Living Library (March 31, 2011)  

1. Abstract

2Panspermia–Life in the Universe is Seeded by Creator Gods

3. The Creation of the Solar System

3.1. A Violent Visit From Sirius

4. The First Creator Gods

5. The Galactic Wars, Our Human Ancestry and Genetic Engineering

5.1. Evidence of Giants on Earth

5.2. The Vegan/Lyran War

5.3. The Draconian and Orion Wars

5.4. The Pleiadians–Immigrants From a Previous Universe

5.5. The Vegan Entrapment

5.6. The Continuing Story of the Living Library and Major Genetic Engineering on Earth

6. ET ArtThe Stories are in the Rocks7. The Zeta Reticulians, aka the Grays

Genetic Manipulation Paper #1 (Genetic Engineering and Manipulation): Nephilim, the Fallen Angels (April 7, 2011)  

1. Abstract: The Sitchin Version

2The Seeding of the Sirian Anunnaki

3. One Catastrophe After Another

4. In the Days of Old, In the Days of Gold…

5. The Unsettling Settlers

6. War, Some 300,000 Years Ago

 Genetic Manipulation Paper #2 (Genetic Engineering and Manipulation): Genesis or the “Genes of Isis”?(April 10, 2011)

1. Experimenting With Genetics

2YHWH, the Schizophrenic God

3. Did the Anunnaki Really Spurt Our Evolution by Tampering With Our DNA?

4. The Early Humans Become Miner

5. Adapa, a Genetic Upgrade

6. Marduk’s Choice

7. The Birth of Noah

8. The Great Deluge

 Genetic Manipulation Paper #3 (Genetic Engineering and Manipulation): After the Deluge (April 16, 2011)

1. In the Aftermath — Building a New Earth

2. Gold! We Need More Gold!

3. The Great Pyramid of Egypt and the Builders of the Sphinx

4. Marduk Becomes Ra and Amen Ra

5. The Murder of Osiris and the Battle Between Horus and Seth

6. Inanna’s (Ishtar’s) War Against the Serpent Clan

7. King Anu Decides to Give Earth to Humankind

8. Educating Mankind

9. The Tower of Babel

10. Marduk Ra is Rewriting History

11. Inanna Rules the Indus Region and Uruk in Sumer

12. Gilgamesh and the Elixir of Immortality

13. Marduk Offering Pharaohs Immortality

14. Sargon, the Akkadian Warrior King

15. Inanna’s Armies Move Forward

16. The Enlil Visited by Galzu in Dream State

17. The Anunnaki Drop Nuclear Bombs Over Sinai Spaceport before Leaving Earth to Marduk

Genetic Manipulation Paper #4 (Genetic Engineering and Manipulation): Abraham, Moses, and the “Chosen People” (June 23, 2011)

1. In the Aftermath of the Nuclear Fallout

2The Enlil Branding His Cattle–YHVH’s Chosen People

3. And the Axe Was Made of Gold

4. Jacob’s Ladder and Jacob Becoming Israel in Egypt

5. The Enlilites Against the Enkiites of Egypt and Babylon

6. YHVH–the Brutal Mass Murderer–and his Hatchet-man Moses

7. The Ten Commandments and a Blood-Thirsty God

Genetic Manipulation Paper #5 (Genetic Engineering and Manipulation): Discussing the “Anunnaki Papers”(April 24, 2011)

1. Abstract

2. The Accuracy of the Sumerian Cuneiform Clay Tablets

3. Dr. Michael Heiser, Sitchin’s Main Debunker

4. What About Atlantis and Lemuria?

5. The Mars Findings

6. The Frequency Prison

6.1. Reptilians and Giants

6.2. Stuck Inside a Radio Station

7. Gold and Longevity

8. Dr. A.R. Bordon’s Close Encounters With the Ša.A.M.i. and the Forming of “The LINK”,  Annual Meetings with Extra-Terrestrial Groups

9. LPG-C and the 3% Rule

Present and Future Challenges (PFC), Paper #1: The Marduk Issue and the Earth-Bound Anunnaki (May 5, 2011)

1. Abstract

2The Anunnaki and Their Human Hybrids — The Global Elite

3. ET Disclosure Projects and Their Two Major Advocates

4. The Exodus of the Anunnaki Earth-Bound

5. The Announcement of the New King!

6. Marduk Returns to Earth

7. Marduk’s Council of 12 — The Corteum

8. The Earth-Bound Anunnaki: How They Look Like and Their Whereabouts

9. Marduk’s Challenges

10. Supriem David Rockefeller and the Thule Order

10.1. Supriem Rockefeller in Review

10.2. The Thule Society, Fulfillment of Prophecy, and the Gateway to the Gods

PFC Paper #2: The Remarkable Michael Lee Hill Case (May 6, 2011)

1. Abstract

2. Two Comparable Experiences; Two Comparable Blood Disorders

2.1. The Terrell Copeland Case

2.2. Michael Hill’s Sightings Over Lake Erie and Blood Test Comparisons

3. Face-to-Faceless Encounter With Marduk?

4. Birnes of UFO Magazine and UFO Hunters: How Much Does This Man Really Know?

5. Some Additional Information From Michael on the Anunnaki Topic

5.1. The WingMakers/Anunnaki Letter

6. The Eric Clapton Connection

7. Michael’s Meeting With a Known Musician, Claiming To Be of High Order and in Connection With the Arcturians

8. Afterthoughts and Conclusions

PFC Paper #3: Revelations on the Story About the WingMakers, The Labyrinth Group, and S.A.A.L.M. (May 26, 2011)

1. Abstract

2How The WingMakers “Saga” All Began

2.1. What is Myth and What is True? Here is the Key

2.2. How the WingMakers Site Was Found

2.3. Dr. Anderson, Defector From the ACIO/Labyrinth Group, Speaks Out

2.4. The Origins of the WingMakers Race

2.5. Mark Hempel, the Middle-Hand

3. The Mysterious “James” Enters the Stage

4. Who Took Over the WingMakers Site?

5. Changes Made to the Original WingMakers Site

6. S.A.A.L.M., Supreme Anunnaki Assembly of Lord Marduk

6.1.S.A.A.L.M.’s Secret Conversations Leaked

7. Black and White, Or Just Different Shades of Gray?

PFC Paper #4: The Animus, Artificial Intelligence, and Blank Slate Technology (June 4, 2011)

1. The Labyrinth Group, ACIO, and the NSA Revisited

2. Fifteen; The Man Behind the Number

2.1. A Cloak of Secrecy, Two Different Defense Weapons and Hidden Agendas

3. Accelerated Intelligence

4. The Corteum – How They Supposedly Look Like

4.1. Elongated Skulls vs. Skull-Binding and Cranial Deformation

5. Seven Superdomains, Seven Superuniverses and the Seven Tributary Zones

6. The WingMakers as the Central Race

7. Prophecy

8. The Animus; In Search For Soul-Carriers

8.1. The Origin of the Animus

8.2. Disconnected from Source

9. Vertical Time, Blank Slate Technology, and Memory Restructure Procedure

9.1. Horizontal and Vertical Time

9.2. Memory Restructure Procedure (MRP)

9.3. Using BST Against the Animus

10. A’shayana Deane, The Guardian Alliance, and the BeaST

10.1. The Makers of Wings and Other Things

PFC Paper #5: Present and Future Earth Changes and Their True Causes (June 17, 2011)

1. Abstract

2When Earth Nearly Died, Around 11,500 Years Ago

3. Planet X, Nibiru–The Effects of the Incoming

3.1. A Detailed Description of What Nibiru Looks Like

3.2. Nibiru’s Effects on Earth and the Other Planets in the Solar System

4. Monoliths in Space–Was Arthur C. Clarke Right?

4.1. 2001–A Space Odyssey

4.2. Revealing Photos From Leading University, and Video Taped Monolith Statement From Famous Former NASA Astronaut  

4.3. Reports on Monoliths in Space

4.4. What the Off-Planet Monoliths Really Are

5. The Year 2012 and The Wave of the Supernova

PFC Paper #6: The Return of the Gods (June 24, 2011)

1. The Tribulation

2. The Lord’s Return

3. The Battle of Armageddon

4. And the Lord Will Reign for a Thousand Years

5. Anu Stepping Down From the Throne

5.1. Political Dramas on the Home Planet

5.2. The New King and the Second Coming

6. We Don’t Need No Anunnaki–We Don’t Need No Thought Control

PFC Paper #7: More on Artificial Intelligence, Increased Longevity, and Nano-Tech—The Path of the Gods  (July 7, 2011)

1. Abstract: The Fine Balance Between Science and Metaphysics   

1.1. Waking up the Sleeping Giant

2. The Codes of Consciousness

3. How “New” Alien Technology Will To Be Introduced Creating Split of the Human Race

4. Protecting Our Biology

5. The Internet vs. the Innernet

6. Welcome to the Machine Kingdom–Man and Machine Becoming One!

7. Artificial Life Created, Called “Cynthia”

8. Smurf’s Village

9. WikiLeaks and a Flashback to the Atlantic Technology Era

10. Technology and Longevity

11. A Multi-Dimensional Perspective on Nano Technology

Soulution Paper #1: Breaking the Spell (July 14, 2011)

1. Introduction to the Frequency Fence and the 3rd Density Quarantine

1.1. Ungluing the Radio Knob–Freedom of Frequency

2. DNA Code Activation

3. The Quarantined Earth and the Misuse of Energy

4. Subliminal Messages in Films and on Music CDs, and the Effects of Electronics ||

5 – How to Conquer Fear and Anxiety

Soulution Paper #2: Earth As Real Estate (July 25, 2011)

1. All Biological Life is Seeded

2The Free-Will Zone

2.1. Free-Will vs. Predestiny

3.Revisiting  Old Egypt–Era of Magic and Multi-Dimensionality

3.1. The Pyramid Structure and What It Does

4. The Attractive Real Estate–The Gods Return

4.1. Shapeshifting

5. The Electromagnetic Spectrum and the Reptilian Consciousness

6. The Purpose of the Human Experience

7. The Pleiadians and The Complexity of Power

8. Regaining Sovereignty of Mind

8.1. Owning Your Sexuality

8.2. The Migration into Virtual Realities

9. The Collapse of Time

10. The War Over Real Estate and the Human Factor

11. Opening of Stargates to Let the Ša.A.M.i. in

12. Pain and Sex and Pornography Addiction

13. Numbers and Game Masters

14. Remote Viewing Within the Military

15. How Do We Counter the Global Elite and the Hostile ET Presence?

15.1. David and Goliath

Soulution Paper #3: Expansion on the Living Library, DNA, and Ascension (August 7, 2011)

1. Borrowing From, and Returning to, the Living Library

2. From the Dark Ages to Big Pharma and the Witch-Hunt on Alternative Medicine

2.1. The Witch-Hunt on Mind-Altering Drugs

3. The Future–Back to Using the Living Library

4. DNA – What it Is, and How to Reclaim What Was Taken From Us

4.1. The Early Human had 12 Strand DNA, Corresponding with 12 Chakras

4.2. How We Were Unplugged From the Multiverse and How To Plug In Again

4.3. Healing Along the Lines of Time

4.4. Triple Helix DNA

4.5. Nibiru’s Coordinates and the Original Creator Gods Have Landed on Earth

4.6. The Number 12 in Relation to Earth and Our DNA

4.7. The Family of Light and Multiple Living Libraries

4.8. Sex, DNA, and the Living Library

4.9. The Gardeners

Soulution Paper #4: Understanding Multi-Dimensionality (August 21, 2011)

1. Moving Into a Multi-Dimensional Reality  

2Messages and Mass Agreements in Dream Land

3. Spirit Guides

4. More on Time and How It is Used by Physical and Non-Physical Beings, the End of a Cycle and the Start of a New

4.1. Time and Frequency (Earth Splitting in Consciousness into Mainly Two Different Planets)

4.2. Choice and Victim Hood

5. Amnesia

5.1. Clarification of the “Human Experiment” and the Dependency on Linear Time

6. Timelines and the Electromagnetic Fields

7. Multi-Dimensionality in Summary

 Soulution Paper #5: The Great Initiation (August 31, 2011)

1. Male versus Female Power

1.1. More on Game Masters, Master Numbers and Divine Female Energy

2. A Short Metaphysical Aspect on Astrology

3. Geometric Downloads

3.1. Crop Circles and Geometrical Figures

4. What is Your Personal Reality? (Multiple Earths)

5. The Law of One

5.1. Jesus and the Law of One

6. The Initiation Process

6.1. The Fall From Grace

6.2. Rising From The Fall

6.3. It’s All About Numbers


8. The New Earth

8.1. The Split in Consciousness

8.2. Technology in the New World

8.3. Smart Cities; Safe Places to Be; Map Dowsing

8.4. The Fusing of Probable Realities

8.5. 2015-2024; the Formation of a New Society

9. How to Emit Good Energy

10. The Six Heart Virtues

Soulution Paper #6: Coming Full Circle (the Future, and the End of the Universe) (September 2, 2011)

1. Quality of Love and Light–The Old Atlantean Karma Revisited

2God’s Black Angels

3. Cruising Through the End Times

4. The Cycle of Universes

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The Second Level of Learning [2012]

The Third Level of Learning [2013]

The Fourth Level of Learning [2014]

The Fifth Level of Learning [2015]: The Fifth Level of Learning, Paper 1: “Hindu Cosmology”

The Fifth Level of Learning, Paper 2: “The Avatars of the Gods and the Evolution of Species”

The Fifth Level of Learning, Paper 3: “The Vedic Deities and Entities and Their Place in the Hierarchal Structure” [Second Edition]

Penre, Wes [2015]: The Fifth Level of Learning, Paper 4: “Lokas–The Realms of Gods, Men, and Demons”

Penre, Wes [2015]: The Fifth Level of Learning, Paper 5: “The Cosmic Wars from a Vedic Perspective”

Penre, Wes [2015]: The Fifth Level of Learning, Paper 6: “How the Vedic Gods Set Up their Manipulative System”

Penre, Wes [2015]: The Fifth Level of Learning, Paper 7: “Deities Exposed in Hinduism and Middle-Eastern Mythology”

Penre, Wes [2015]: The Fifth Level of Learning, Paper 8: “The 3-D Slave Race and the Hijacking of Human Consciousness”

Penre, Wes [2015]: The Fifth Level of Learning, Paper 9: “The Vedic Players and their Counterparts in other Ancient Texts”

Penre, Wes [2015]: The Fifth Level of Learning, Paper 10: “Nakshatras–The Gods and their Star Systems”

Penre, Wes [2015]: The Fifth Level of Learning, Paper 11: “Star Systems Not Mentioned in the Nakshatras”

Penre, Wes [2015]: The Fifth Level of Learning, Paper 12: “The Aldebaran Paper”

Penre, Wes [2015]: The Fifth Level of Learning, Paper 13: “Death and Afterlife in Hindu Religion and Egyptian Mythology”

Penre, Wes [2015]: The Fifth Level of Learning, Paper 14: “The End of Kali Yuga; When World Religions Become as One”

Penre, Wes [2015]: The Fifth Level of Learning, Paper 15: “It’s not He or She or Them or It that You Belong To”

Penre, Wes [2015]: The Fifth Level of Learning, Paper 16: “The Destiny of a Royal Species”

Penre, Wes [2013]: “Beyond 2012 — A Handbook for the New Era”

Penre, Wes [2014]: The Fourth Level of Learning, Paper 1: “An Introduction to the Fourth Level of Learning”

Penre, Wes [2014]: The Fourth Level of Learning, Paper 2: “Setting the Ancient Records Straight: Who is Who and Who did What in the Pantheon?”

Penre, Wes [2014]: The Fourth Level of Learning, Paper 3: “The Relationship Between Asterisms
and Certain Star Beings”

Penre, Wes [2014]: The Fourth Level of Learning, Paper 4: “The Cosmic Wars Started in the VOID…”

Penre, Wes [2014]: The Fourth Level of Learning, Paper 5: “Lucifer’s Rebellion”

Penre, Wes [2014]: The Fourth Level of Learning, Paper 6: “The Sirian War and the Golden Age”

Penre, Wes [2014]: The Fourth Level of Learning, Paper 7: “The Solar War”

Penre, Wes [2014]: The Fourth Level of Learning, Paper 8: “The Orion and the Artemis Myth,” “The Real Story of Isis,” and Genetic Manipulation”

Penre, Wes [2014]: The Fourth Level of Learning, Paper 9: “An Introduction to the Underworld”

Penre, Wes [2014]: The Fourth Level of Learning, Paper 10: “The Tablets of Destinies”

Penre, Wes [2014]: The Fourth Level of Learning, Paper 11: “‘The Rigel War and ‘Thoth-the-Rigelian'”

Penre, Wes [2014]: The Fourth Level of Learning, Paper 12: “The Milky Way Spiral Arms and the Cosmic Slave Masters”

Penre, Wes [2014]: The Fourth Level of Learning, Paper 13: “The Garden of Edin Revisited”

Penre, Wes [2014]: The Fourth Level of Learning, Paper 14: “The Antediluvian Times and Utnapishtim’s Heavenly Ark”

Penre, Wes [2014]: The Fourth Level of Learning, Paper 15: “The Postdiluvian Times and Lucifer Building his Plans”

Penre, Wes [2014]: The Fourth Level of Learning, Paper 16 (Second Edition): “The Ongoing Battle over the Material and the Spiritual Realms (What is Matter and What is Spirit?)”

Penre, Wes [2014]: The Fourth Level of Learning, Paper 17: “Leaving the Cosmic Battlefield”

Penre, Wes [2014]: The Fourth Level of Learning, Appendix Paper A: “Protocol of a Meeting between Human and Extraterrestrial Galactic Representatives on Planet Earth in 2011”



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