Why Create a Habit

You might have heard the story that Esther (Abraham) Hicks tells about “Blue Glass”. It’s a form of meditation, to learn how to observe and being present in the moment. If you want to watch a video on this subject that explains it in details, Into the Now by Eckhart Tolle.

Creating new habits is all about changing your mindset by forcing it to become calm and in neutral state. Your thinking is habitual and momentum picks up the longer you think about your contrast. This mental looping, IS what brings you down. The first step is to catch the initial thought and stop it, but when momentum is already going fast, then you can do this…. By focussing your mind on an object in your room.

When you do this exercises regularly, it will really become easier to change unwanted thoughts. So often I here people say, I can’t stop thinking about it, it’s in my face all the time. It’s a matter of focus. Other observations will come to surface.



At some point you will realise how many people have been involved with one product. The amount of energy and attention that went into this object, and this object is now sitting in your room. With all vibrations it picked up along its trail to you. Everything is connected. Think about your work how you put energy and attention to it, your vibrations by touching it and thinking about it.

Now think about someone who prepares a meal with love, can you taste the difference in food when it is made with love ? Do you agree it makes a difference if loving focussed attention went into something ?


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