Your Goals & Desires

Searching for your life’s purpose. There is not one fixed, have to do, goal in your life. You can choose and change your directions whenever you want.

We’ve been brought up with… you have one talent and you have to use it. Find out what it is and stick to it for the rest of your life. discipline yourself. Work hard at it. I don’t think so. Even many motivators are pushing this idea.

Even sitting on a beautiful beach…… in paradise……. You’ll get bored and want something new. That’s what we are striving for…… Something new to experience. Everything grows and is changing. Standing still is decay.

EllenMentor_/|\_Vortex–Focus on your own business

mei 2016 ellenmentor loa.png

01_Stationary_files_UEO_logo 2016-05-04 01-00-11

Nederlandse seminar a.s. 20 Januari 2017


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