Born into this holographic reality.

Why would we come to earth ? Born into this holographic reality.

Only to play ?

Which game did you choose to play ?

Are you sure about this ? You came here to play and enjoy riches? Are you enjoying it ? but for how long before you want more ?

Why isn’t it fulfilling ?

You’re here to reach for something. At least we remember that much. You’re distracted from the real thing. They’re giving wrong directions to follow.

But then again isn’t that the game ? If you  know all the answers to a puzzle, would you enjoy the puzzle ? If someone tells you the end of a book or the clue of the film, aren’t you annoyed, when someone does that ?

Close your ears, I say. Listen to this voice inside. Open your eyes my friend, there is much more to see. You come here to learn, but what?

When you have reached that point in your life. that you just don’t want to play this game anymore. Then and only then, will your enlightment process start. When you realise, I do not want to play this silly game in this rate race anymore.

Are you willing to give up everything ? I mean, really everything. Even your life.  Once you have reached that. Some will reach it because of an accident, trauma, depression or illness or isolation. It’s time for you to meditate. You will receive knowledge.

You will realise that you are in this world, but not of it. You’ll feel like a zombie, but who is the real walking dead ?

Before you’ll receive the knowledge you will pass a kind of a “test”. You will meet something or someone, if you’re not ready for it, it will scare the shit out of you. LOL. It’s a reflection of your own negative thoughts and behaviours, put into symbols that have been most prominent in your life. Its up to you to face it and realise that it is You. When you pass the guardian, you’ll have other experiences, it might take a while before that happens, I have heard other people say.  Or it might happen within a few days, as it was in my case.

If you didn’t pass the guardian because of your own fear. You can always reincarnate, if you don’t continue your enlightment search in this life.

Until this seedling grows it will not see the light.

Luckily you cannot explain it to anyone, what it really is, or what it’s like. There are no words. “No-thing but Is”. But remember you can only grasp the meaning of something, only to your own level of understanding. We are still present in our physical bodies.

At first I was angry  that this threshold exist, but now Im happy. To know that no one can reach it, if it’s not cleared from fear based opinions and selfish acts. You have to vibrate on a constant high frequency.


EllenMentor_/|\_Vortex Focus on your own Business




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