Quantum Physics

What is quantum physics or quantum reality?

What is quantum physics? To answer this question can take a whole book because quantum mechanics is a very complex and mysterious topic. Unlike material science, quantum physics or quantum mechanics is the study of quanta (units of energy) and its behaviors, and how energy and matter are related at the fundamental levels. Quantum reality is a world that exists beyond the material realm and the perception of our five senses. Quantum reality behaves similar to the dream world. It is a place where there is infinite possibilities and therefore anything is possible. These features of quantum mechanics and quantum reality are what give them the upper hand when it comes to explaining how reality works at the fundamental levels.

Here are some popular views of quantum physics:

  • Reality is created by observation and thought.
  • Reality is holographic and multidimensional in nature.
  • Matter isn’t “real” because it behaves more like an illusion.
  • The deepest levels of reality contain only information and energy.
  • Physics isn’t only physical, but more importantly, it is metaphysical.
  • Consciousness creates reality.

Quantum reality and material reality

Quantum reality is a place that exists without linear time and local space. In the quantum world, time isn’t linear but simultaneous, which is why a quantum particle can exist in many places at once. It is a place where the metaphysical realm and material realm meets to decide on an outcome. As a result, understanding quantum physics is essential for comprehending how the Universe works.

The material world that we sense through our five senses only makes a very small percentage of the whole structure of reality. As a result, if we want to understand how the Universe works, we need to study it beyond our five senses. Quantum physicists have discovered that a healthy human brain can process more than 400 billion bits of information per second. Out of those 400 billion bits of information, we are only consciously aware of about 2,000 bits of the 400 billion bits of information.

In mathematical terms, the above paragraph suggested that our conscious awareness of the whole structure of reality is less than one percent. This means that most of reality is happening beyond our five senses. If we only define reality as something that can be detected with only our five senses, then our understanding of it is still in its infancy. The new discoveries in quantum mechanics prove that the nature of reality is more mysterious and beautiful than what we can detect with our five senses.

Article taken from : Energy Fanatics Blog


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Article taken from : energyfanatics

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