Create a Habit: Pink Elephants

The Pink Elephant – LIGHT-SWITCH:

Breaking Brain Loops with light switches. I have created different light switches for myself during the day. Watch how fast it goes away and get results in your life. By stopping  to focus emotionally on what you don’t want!

This habit I call ” Pink Elephants”  DON’T THINK OF PINK ELEPHANTS….!!!!

It makes me laugh when I think about the sentence “Don’t think about it….” Because you’re right back on that subject! If this didn’t do the trick yet, to just laugh about pink elephants. I go on with….. There are Pink Flamingoes, Pink Salmon, Pink Noses, Pink Pigs, Pink….. etc. It may sound silly but I assure you it works.

You force the mind onto a different subject that is totally neutral to you.

This will take you off the current subject that is bothering you. Overtime you’ll notice (and the mind is sneaky, just watch how sneaky the mind is and how it brings you back on an unwanted topic !) it gets easier to catch the initial downer thought, and change your thinking into a neutral or positive thought.

Let me know how this works for you. You can leave a comment at the bottom of this page.

I used to call it a Flip-Switch, but I find it too negative, so I rather call it “Light-Switch” from now on. Because it takes you out of your dark mood, and you’ll start feeling lighter. What is a “Light-Switch”? Its a tool to break a “Mind-Loop” and negative momentum of thoughts.  You know…… The thoughts you keep thinking and don’t want to think about anymore.



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