Create a Habit: Blue Glass

Getting off an unwanted topic.

By forcing the mind onto a different subject that is totally neutral to you.

Try this exercise as often as you need to change your negative thoughts, before momentum starts building up and have a full blown emotional reaction.

Look at anything in the room, take an object as your attention point.

For example; Blue glass.

Think of the color of the glass, what kind of blue is it, Glass can be transparent, translucent, opaque etc. There are many different shapes of glass even in blue. Where was it made, how was it made, how and who transported. just go on and on with your observations on 1 object. How does it feel to the touch. how does it sound. Etc, etc.

This mental exercise will break “Mind-Loops”.

01_KeyCard_Blue_Glass.jpg p229361_1.jpgblue glass 3.jpg


Law of Attraction VBlog: Seminar 24 juni 2016 – Enschede The Netherlands


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