Big Problems….

How many times did this happen to you ?

You’re in a life crisis and it all seems so bad. But after a year look you back and you see all the new avenues that this situation has brought. And you find out that it was actually a blessing.

Remember that nearly every situation in your life, is caused by yourself. There is something you want and you’re not up to it. You do not know how to get there on a vibrational level.

Look at your problems from this perspective.

Your vibrational level, (your attitude) is the cause of the problems arising in your life. Those problems will indicate to you, what you want, and what you don’t want in your life. It’s called contrast.

So in fact you should be glad that you can observe some contrast in your life. Because now you know what you DON’T want…….. That’s great ! It means you also know what you DO want. Focus on what you want. Not the problem anymore. No one has ever solved a problem by repeating it or thinking about it nor talking about it. It’s you finding the solutions to a problem by sifting through life what you want and don’t want. And it’s something you have to do yourself, no one else can know what you want.

Life is contrast. everything you see you make an opinion about it. Like or Dislike. Good or Bad. Duality is life itself. It’s enjoying the diversity of it.

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