Thoughts are like Clouds.

Being aware of your thoughts is being aware of your attitude. Thoughts become emotions.

You act according to your beliefs. Your beliefs are only repeated thoughts, repeated so many times by you or by others to you, that you have accepted them to be true. Perhaps because it happend to you in your life and therefor you have physical evidence of these beliefs.

Because of those beliefs you act in a certain way. Preconceived ideas about people or situations. You often already expect a certain outcome to happen in a giving situation. You’ve been trained by circumstances in your life.

In everything you do…… Your daily actions and reactions. The way you move your body, the way you sit, is the way you think and feel and it will also come out of your mouth in the way you talk. But even without your choice of words, it’s hanging around you like a cloud, and is perceived by others unconsciously and some consciously.

03052016_3 EllenMentor_Law_of_Attraction.jpeg



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