Take 100% responsibility for your own actions, thoughts and deeds.

Never can man put himself above Creation for he is a part of the Creation. Most importantly, man must know that all living things are part of the same Creation and all are joined by the spiritual energy they are made of and affect all others with spiritual energy created by thought. Thought is energy. Energy is thought. You must learn to think of these two forms of existence as the same thing. Spiritual growth is the forming of logical thinking that is harmonious with the Laws of Creation. When you have perceived something correctly with great clarity of thought and understood it to the point that it has become part of your life, this thought becomes part of your cognition of Creation. You then contribute to your own spiritual growth by virtue of your understanding and usage.

In order to grow spiritually you must learn to take 100% responsibility for your own actions, thoughts and deeds. You cannot dump your responsibilities onto any other forms, gods, idols or cults and expect to grow. No other life form, including gods, can grow for you. When you have learned to face your problems with your own energies given to you through Creation and know that you are part of Creation you can draw on the spiritual energy within you and achieve all that you can imagine.

Most people live in the delusion of misguided teachings. It is unfortunate that we are born with such great knowledge within us and that it is ignored and suppressed by illogical thinking.

When we learns of the great knowledge that is within the spiritual subconscious he will begin to help people into the world with the right kind of teaching and guidance to allow a human to live life to its fullest and most rewarding potential. The path to spiritual growth is through the recognition of our role within Creation.




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