Content Planning Template

To be successful with inbound marketing, companies need to invest in content. Great content helps fuel successful inbound marketing campaigns, which is reflected in the amount of content being produced by marketers today; 69% of B2C and 70% of B2B marketers are producing more content this year than last year.

HubSpot have teamed up with Smart Insights to create 4 steps and templates that will help you put together an effective content marketing plan for either your business or those of your clients in 2015.

The templates will help you to:

Step 1: Complete a SWOT analysis on your content marketing
efforts and develop a plan to improve them.

Step 2: Define the right objectives and KPIs for that plan

Step 3: Brainstorm content ideas and map these across your funnel

Step 4: Create a timeline for your content plans

 Download your guide and templates now by completing the form on this page.

Press on this link-> DownLoad Content Planning Template




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