68 Seconds Pure Desire Thought

To use this tool, bring to mind a desire; something you are wanting to manifest in your life. An experience you want to have. Imagine that desire is contained in the indigo circle and just focus on it until it fades.

Every 17 seconds the dot will grow a little larger. This represents the increase in attraction power you are giving your desire by focusing on it for each 17 second increment.

It is of importance to note the word “pure” in this context. In order for your thought regarding your desire to be pure, there must not be resistance to it. In other words, your feeling towards the desire must hold the vibration of the desire as if it were already achieved, and not the vibration of the lack of your desire.
For example, let’s say that your intention is to attract a lover. To do this, you would want to focus on the ecstatic feeling of making love to this fortunate person—not on a feeling of longing for that person. If your desire is to find a missing chess piece, you would focus on the elation of putting your opponent in check with that chess piece—not on the vacant slot on the chess board.

The color, indigo, is the color of the Ajna Chakra—also known as the Third Eye. This energy center is good for focus. The music was composed to help focus as well, using frequencies that correspond to both the Ajna and Throat Chakras. The clouds, well, they just looked cool and made it more interesting to look at—though it could be supposed that they help put the desire in a more beautiful context—thus a higher vibration.

This tool was created in response to the Abraham-Hicks explanation of the power of 17 seconds. Please see http://www.abraham-hicks.com for more details.


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