Time Saving Tips

Distraction when browsing

You’re online searching for….. And what happens ? You get distracted by such much info. 

Have you ever noticed, while browsing at some point you can’t even remember what you were look for?

TIP: Do this to avoid distraction.

Your Focus point. Write down your objective of your search on paper. To avoid the distraction that will for sure come up. I advise you to make different Folders for different topics. You can do this in your “Favorites” (internet browser). For example name this folder: “To Investigate”. Every time you come across interesting information that is useful to you place it in this Folder To Investigate.

That means you only focus on the information you really need at this point, when you’ve found what you were looking for, write this down on your paper. This way you won’t have to do the search again because you forgot if the lead was interesting or not.

When you have time,perhaps you don’t know what to do, check out that folder and you’ll have many great new ideas flowing to you. This is the time to investigate new leads. Follow up these ideas one by one.

This is the time to let yourself go while browsing. Browsing is creative work ! Because it gives ideas and hints. This is the time to just follow your intuition online. You click and click and go from page to page. It’s the best thing you can do when stuck. You’ll notice that you’ll click on certain things very intuitively.

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