Thoughts are vibrations

Thoughts are vibrations
Vibrations are frequencies
Frequency is sound (beautiful sounds are called a harmony)
Sound/Music are emotions
That means that frequencies are emotions.
Emotions are formed by thoughts
So thoughts are frequencies
Low frequencies are negative emotions
High frequencies are positive emotions
Frequencies are also colors.
Colors also arouse emotions. Just think of the color blue that’s cool, you’re going to think of water and clarity. Red is a warm, the color of love. All advertising campaigns are based on color spectrum knowledge.

Everything in our universe consists of freq/vibrations, they are all around us and we capture and interpret them. It means that our thoughts are emotions. It’s possible to decode these vibrations/freq. We do it with sound, with color, smell, taste and touch, etc. It’s only logical to think that we can also decode thoughts of others.

Your vortex is a high vibration. When you are feeling down/negative you vibrate on a low frequency (low vibrating emotions).
These 2 different vibrations/freq. don’t vibrate at the same level (1 is high and 1 is low vibes) that’s the reason why you feel bad/sad/worried/etc. You are not in harmony with yourself.

When you’re often vibrating at a higher frequency you’ll see it will totally change your life (business and social) in a positive way. Because of the higher mental level are you able to recognize the coincidences and circumstances and you’ll see opportunities.
If you do not have the habit to see positively but always think about obstacles and imagining the worst and only focus on what could happen, you’ll end up in a negative spiral. This downward spiral is hard to break, it becomes a habit. and then it becomes a depression.

Therefore the Vortex is your GPS your personal guiding system. When you feel good, you’re close to your vortex, meaning that you almost vibrating at the same level. When feeling negative thoughts (doubt, uncertainty, etc) you now know what you should do! Quite simple but yet sometime so hard to do. Change your thoughts and generate positive vibrations because all thoughts are being broadcasted. How do you do it? By making sure you feel good, do fun stuff, do your daily meditation and otherwise go to sleep.

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