Who the … is EllenMentor ???

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Name: Ellen Mentor ~ The Leading Edge Thinker ~

Company: Vortex-Focus on Business

Using the principles of the Law of Attraction to help you with your project/business. I can help you with LOA strategy, sales skills and situational awareness.
I give Workshops/Seminars with guided meditation.
Workshops, online training, online hypnosis cds, Virtual Reality-Dream State (guided meditation).

I am autodidact, polyglot (fluent in 6 languages). Non-Stop Traveler, the world and 7 seas. Had many different jobs while travelling, mostly Sales & Marketing and Multi-Media, always high positions. I owned 2 businesses before I became a Mentor.
And I call myself an artist of life and I am very creative.
Sales experience:
Hotel Sales & Marketing, Real Estate Sales, Timesharing, Business Intelligence Headhunter, Trade-shows, Trainer.
More than 20 years’ experience in yoga and meditation.

Need a Mentor ?
Leave a message here.

Thank you for visiting my page.

EllenMentor_/|\_ The Leading Edge Thinker
Vortex – Focus on Business



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