Body, Mind and Soul is YOU

We see our ego, our body and spirit as separate from each other. To reach alignment is to reunite these 3 components.

Most people see themselves as separate from their body. Don’t consciously observe their body. By observing I mean; they don’t make contact with it, and don’t feel what is going on inside their body and don’t givie positive mental instructions. Unless they become ill, then they start paying attention. Most people see their brain and thoughts (ego) as separate from your body. And therefor you don’t see the correlation between your thoughts and manifestations in your body.
Most people see themselves (as an Ego in a body) separated from your soul/spirit. Separate from your own source. If you not only belief, but really know you are all 3 all the time as an integrated being working together, you will find bliss, not only in medition, but nearly all the time.
Infinite intelligence controls your higher mind, which is your guide, you as an extention of your higher self came here to experience this holographic matrix.
Your body is a guidance system. Your emotions are your guidance system.

Your mind is the planner and the ego is YOU as an actor ! You should make dreams come true. That is the fun part of being in the matrix.

mind body soul you



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